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Cops Raid Innocent Disabled Veteran's Home and Murder Him While He Slept — Lawsuit

When the SWAT squad of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department conducted a no-knock raid on the house of Don Clark Sr., a 63-year-old Army veteran, in February 2017, Clark was killed. Police immediately claimed that Clark had shot at them, and a subsequent search of the residence uncovered two pistols and a large quantity of drugs. Clark's family is suing four years later, saying he was unarmed and sleeping peacefully in his bed. Jerryl Christmas has been retained by the Clark family to defend them in legal action. The Free Thought Project interviewed Christmas to get a better understanding of how Mr. Clark was shot and murdered and made to seem to be a violent drug dealer. We hope that the lawsuit will allow us to fill out the story of how these drugs got to Don's home, but we do not trust the police narrative in this instance. Mr. Clark had previously served as a paratrooper and was wounded during his duty, forcing him to walk with a cane and walker. "He was diabeti