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BLM and Militia Come Together, Discuss How Police May Have Provoked Kenosha Violence

Serious violence unfolded in Kenosha Tuesday night during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake. The violence mentioned below  wasn't  between police and protesters. It was captured on video and  it had been  between citizens. Two people were killed and  a 3rd  victim was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after shooting began  during a  residential district  of  the town  . Much of the violence  happened  within the  area of 63rd Street and Sheridan Road  within the  city, where eyewitness video purports  to point out  heavily armed civilians defending local businesses from suspected looters and arsonists. Police say  they need  no details about the shootings, but videos of  a number of  the shootings  and therefore the  aftermath were  everywhere  Twitter Wednesday morning. Here's another angle of the shooting in #Kenosha. Many of the individuals who were heavily armed were claiming to be there  to guard  personal property  from  those that  are  ruin  t

Children watch in Horror as Cops Shoot Unarmed Dad in the Back—7 Times

  An investigation is now underway after  cops  with the Kenosha  local department  opened fire on an unarmed man  ahead  of his children. That man, Jacob Blake, is now in critical condition, fighting for his life. According to authorities, police were responding to a domestic incident Sunday afternoon. How exactly Blake was involved or what happened to spark  the decision  is unclear. Video from a bystander's  telephone  captured the scene that unfolded next. As the video shows, Blake appears on the passenger's side of the vehicle as two officers pull their pistols. As he walks from the passenger's side to the driver's side, the officers follow him. When Blake gets to the driver's side, he opens the door of the vehicle and tries  to urge  in. At  now ,  one among  the officers is seen grabbing him by the t-shirt while pointing his pistol at his back, at point-blank range. The officer then puts the gun to Blake's back as he holds on to the man's T-shirt befo