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When a father calls 911 to report being stabbed, cops arrive and kill him.

This week's release of a graphic body camera video demonstrates the crapshoot that is dialling 911. Michael Craig, 61, the janitor of his apartment complex, phoned 911 to report being held hostage at knifepoint; when cops arrived, they asked no questions and quickly executed him. Craig's wife was in the midst of a mental health crisis on that fateful October day and was holding a knife to his neck. He was able to contact 911 and seek assistance from authorities, but assistance was the last thing he got. "My wife has a knife on me in bed — on my neck right now," Craig said during the 911 call. "She managed to get the knife into my neck. I am immobile. "She's going to murder me if I move," he continued. Craig then informed police that his seven-year-old son would walk downstairs and unlock the door for them. "I've opened the entrance door. Inform the cops that the door is now open. Craig informs the operator that his child is holding the door