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When a father calls 911 to report being stabbed, cops arrive and kill him.

This week's release of a graphic body camera video demonstrates the crapshoot that is dialling 911. Michael Craig, 61, the janitor of his apartment complex, phoned 911 to report being held hostage at knifepoint; when cops arrived, they asked no questions and quickly executed him.

Craig's wife was in the midst of a mental health crisis on that fateful October day and was holding a knife to his neck. He was able to contact 911 and seek assistance from authorities, but assistance was the last thing he got.

"My wife has a knife on me in bed — on my neck right now," Craig said during the 911 call.

"She managed to get the knife into my neck. I am immobile. "She's going to murder me if I move," he continued.

Craig then informed police that his seven-year-old son would walk downstairs and unlock the door for them.

"I've opened the entrance door. Inform the cops that the door is now open. Craig informs the operator that his child is holding the door. "Go downstairs," he instructs his kid, "so you can allow the cops in." Go! Adhere to my instructions! "Make your way downstairs."

When the police arrived, they were greeted downstairs by Craig's son, who said, "Is there someone with a knife?" Who is in possession of the knife?"

"My mama," the kid responds.

"How is she using the knife?" Are you sure you understand what she's doing with the knife? "Who directed you to call?" the officer inquires.

"My father," Craig's kid declares.

The youngster subsequently guides the cops to the residence, where Craig is assassinated shortly later.

When the lead cop enters the apartment, he is armed with a taser in one hand and a revolver in the other. Inside the flat, we can hear screams, and as soon as the police glance in through the door, he opens fire, fatally wounding Craig.

As Craig is bleeding from gunshot and stab wounds on the floor, the officer instantly turns his attention to his wife — the aggressor — and inquires if she is all right.

As he continues to question Craig's wife about where he stabbed her, the officer continues to overlook the fact that Craig was stabbed, not her. Rather than tending to the dying man on the floor, the officer soothes Craig's wife, who is silent.

"Treating her as though she were a victim of domestic abuse – while the true victim of domestic violence, and a victim of the Chicago Police Department, lay dead two feet away," attorney Michael Oppenheimer said. "Every piece of evidence (police) gathered on their route to the site, including Craig's own admissions, lead to him as the victim, yet he fires those rounds without hesitation."

Oppenheimer said that at the time police arrived, Craig had already been stabbed numerous times by his wife. He was unquestionably the victim in this circumstance, yet officers acted in the other way.

"We are requesting that the Chicago Police Department discipline this officer and instruct its officers on how to deal with mental illness and domestic violence," Oppenheimer added.

"Everything my father told them, everything he pleaded for, they disregarded," Patrick Jenkins, Craig's oldest son, claimed. "And so they abandoned him to perish like a dog."

Craig's seven-year-old boy is now living with relatives, and his mother — who had previously been jailed for stabbing Craig — is being treated for mental illness at a hospital. The officer responsible for Craig's death is still on administrative duty.

Link for the video:

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