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Guy Injured as police officers Forcibly Sodomize Him to look for Non-Existent tablets, Then Made Him Pay for It

  Torrence Jackson, 44, had harmed  nobody  and was merely driving his car in October of 2017 when police targeted him.  the following  stop would  transform  a nightmare  acceptable  to a Nazi concentration camp as police would force doctors to perform a sadistic and unnecessary surgery on the man’s anal cavity all  to seem  for non-existent drugs. Because  this is often  the policy of the state,  nobody  was held  in charge of  this madness,  that the  taxpayers  are going to be  held to  the fireplace  instead. Jackson filed a lawsuit this month, seeking $1 million for the horrifying bodily invasion conducted by these sadistic cops. Showing how sick these monsters are who conducted this gross violation of Jackson’s rights  after they  got word of the lawsuit, the department’s lawyers issued  a press release  defending their actions. “…defendants  in the least  times acted reasonably and with  a decent  faith belief that their actions were lawful and not in violation of any federal o