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Victims are being urged to come forward after a cop was caught drugging and raping a man eight times in one night.

  Authorities in Hamilton County are asking other potential victims to come back forward after a Loveland peace officer was caught drugging and raping a 25-year-old man in his home. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced during a news release that a jury indicted Anthony Pecord, 48, on eight counts of rape and eight counts of sexual battery. Pecord is accused of drugging his victim and raping him eight times during a single night. Though Pecord has since resigned from the department, he was still a sworn officer with the Loveland department of local government, while “administering an intoxicant to (the victim) surreptitiously” before repeatedly raping him on eight separate instances in a very night. According to a report from WCPO: WCPO examined Pecord’s personnel file after the initial charges were filed and located that the town of Loveland began investigating him the day following the alleged assault. In a Jan. 25 memo to Pecord, police captain Dennis Rahe put him on paid