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Town Pushing for Policy that Will Allow Cops to Accept ‘Sexual Gratuities’ from Citizens

  Over the years, TFTP has reported on utterly asinine requests for the special privilege for  enforcement . We’ve seen departments exempt themselves from sex with prostitutes  in order that they  could  rotate  and arrest prostitutes  also  as dozens of states that allowed cops  to possess  sex with people in their custody. Now, a town in  NY  is taking this ridiculousness to  the acute  by proposing legislation  to permit  officers to receive ‘sexual gratuities’ while on duty. Seriously. As if figuratively licking the boots of an authoritarian state wasn’t  ok , citizens of Tonawanda,  NY  are pushing the Town Board  to vary  its policies  to permit  cops to receive literal sexual favors from worshipful citizens. When this report  found  our radar, we originally thought  it had been  satire. However, the Buffalo Chronicle  isn't  The Onion, and  consistent with the  report,  this is often  actually happening. The push  to permit  citizens to “tip” cops with sexual favors comes am