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Unarmed Grandma Executed by Cop with 30 Rounds as She Flew

The Stockton Police Department implemented a policy in 2019 that "usually forbids firing at fleeing automobiles." According to the department's General Orders, decisions to "fire at moving vehicles must be based on the most compelling grounds." Unarmed grandma fleeing a traffic check seems to be one of those "compelling circumstances." Tracy Gaeta, a 54-year-old grandmother with no criminal record, looked to be suffering from mental illness on February 22 when she rear-ended a police cruiser at a red light and fled the scene. We will never know what prompted Gaeta to collide with the police cruiser that day, or what motivated her to leave since Gaeta was executed soon after the incident started by officer Kyle Ribera. While the reason Gaeta collided with the patrol vehicle that fatal day remains a mystery, the subsequent events are fully obvious due to several video angles. As the films demonstrate, Gaeta struck a police officer who was waiting at a re