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Cops almost executed an innocent teen on his knees for forgetting his headlights.

On March 21, Noah was on his  thanks to  visiting his mom at work when he mistakenly forgets  to show  on his headlights. So, he was targeted by police and subsequently pulled over for it. This was no normal stop, however. Many are claiming that this stop was an act of  racial discrimination   because of  the immediate escalation of deadly by officers conducting the stop. Had Noah been a  woman  driving  to determine  her mother, he probably wouldn’t  are  staring down the barrels of police guns while on his knees for failing  to show  on his headlights. But that’s exactly what happened to him. When police pulled over Noah,  because the  body camera footage shows, he was immediately held at gunpoint and ordered out of the car. He was then forced to his knees as cops held guns at his head. He was nearly executed over forgetting  to place  his headlights  within the  on position. “I was moving real slow. They told me  to urge  out of the car. I got out. They told me  to place  my hands b