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Police Claimed They Lied About the Handcuffed Woman Who Kicked Open the Police Car Door, Fell Out, and Died.

Brianna Grier was transported to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia when Hancock County Sheriff Terrell Primus visited Mary and Marvin Grier earlier this month. According to the sheriff, Brianna had kicked open the police vehicle door and leapt out while it was moving. Brianna's parents and sister phoned 911 on July 14 when she had a schizophrenia episode. Marvin Grier informed WMAZ that this was not Brianna's first psychotic episode. Typically, he said, EMS would arrive, bring her to Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin, and take her to the mental ward, but this time was different. Brianna received firearms and identification badges instead of ambulances and medical beds. Instead of EMS, two deputies came to the residence between midnight and one in the morning, handcuffed the 28-year-old, and placed her in the back of the deputy's vehicle. She was to be transported to the sheriff's office, but she would never arrive. The following day, the sheriff informed the family that s