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Cops arouse a sleeping unarmed man and murder him as he attempts to drive away.

  The family of Lymond Moses is speaking out , calling for the officers who killed him to be fired and prosecuted. The family says the body camera footage of Moses’ death — released  on  — refutes the official account of how police claim it originally happened. On Jan. 13, around 1:10 a.m., police claimed Moses’ vehicle was “suspicious”  in order that they  initiated a senseless interaction. When police approached Moses, he had not harmed anyone, he had not broken a law and was merely sleeping in his own vehicle which  isn't   a criminal offense , yet they opened both of his doors  and started  interrogating him. Just  some  minutes after police approached him, Moses would be killed. As the footage shows, three officers approach Moses  and start  to berate him with  questions about  sleeping in his car. Moses tells the officers repeatedly that he lives nearby and wasn’t doing anything wrong. However, officers saw that Moses had  a touch   little bit of  cannabis in his car, which g