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Innocent man Tasered, almost beaten for 'dirty license plate' - taxpayers will be held accountable

  When police aren’t kidnapping, caging, and killing people for possessing substances deemed illegal by the state,  successively  creating a criminal black  marketplace for  them that drives up the crime,  they're  out enforcing traffic laws. Any number of arbitrary traffic infractions can  and can   result in  your extortion, arrest, imprisonment, or  within the  case of Philando Castile, death. Policing for profit  within  us   is the  norm. As the following case illustrates, as  cops  extort the masses and violate the rights of citizens  within the  process,  they're  almost never held accountable.  it's  the taxpayers who foot the bill instead. Over  but  a year we’ve reported on stories  of individuals  being assaulted, arrested, and even killed over stops for victimless crimes like dark window tint, no  safety belt , and burned out  registration number plate  lights. However,  in a very  decade of police accountability, we’ve never seen someone stopped and nearly kill