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Secret Body Cam Shows Cops Using His Flashlight to Break a Man's Jaw, Ribs, Arm, and Skull

The Louisiana State Police kept a video of one of their officers attempting to murder a guy with his flashlight hidden for two years. That footage was published this week, and we now understand why they didn't want it to see the light of day. Aaron Larry Bowman had not committed a crime on that tragic night in May 2019 and was merely suspected of "improper lane use" before being battered almost to death. Bowman made no effort to escape or fight arrest, but he was dragged from his vehicle by cops and thrown to the ground. While police were handcuffing him — allegedly for a traffic violation — Trooper Jacob Brown spotted an opportunity to inflict deadly violence and pulled up to the scene, jumping out of his car because he "was in the area and was attempting to get involved," according to a recent investigation into the violent trooper. Brown leapt on top of Bowman and unleashed his wrath, armed with an 8-inch aluminum flashlight strengthened with a pointed end designed to break vehicle glass.

“Return your f–king hands to me!” Brown screamed. “I'm not tampering with you.”

Brown proceeded to beat the obedient guy as other police restrained him. Bowman begged with the police to stop hitting him, stating that he is a dialysis patient and had done no wrong. Bowman continued to assure the police that he was not resisting, declaring, "I'm not fighting you; you're fighting me."

"Shut the f–king f–k up!" Brown reacted. “You're not paying attention.”

Brown delivered 18 strikes to Bowman's head, face, and body towards the conclusion of the assault. Bowman can be heard groaning on the ground, screaming, "I'm bleeding!" in the graphic clip. and, "They slammed a spotlight into my skull!"

Bowman had a fractured jaw, three broken ribs, a broken wrist, and a skull wound that needed six staples to heal. Bowman was charged with assault on a police officer, resisting an officer, and the driving infraction for which he was originally detained, illegal lane use. Brown attempted to conceal the footage by stating in his report that his contact with Bowman was a "citizen encounter" rather than a use of force. According to investigators, there was a deliberate effort to conceal the footage from any administrative scrutiny – and it succeeded. State police did not conduct an investigation into the assault on Bowman until 536 days after it occurred. Additionally, they started investigating it only after Bowman filed a complaint against them.

Brown resigned after the investigation's start in order to escape responsibility. According to the AP, Brown has a soiled and violent past, having been involved in a staggering 23 use-of-force cases, 19 of which involved melanated individuals.

Brown has subsequently been arrested and charged with several offenses.

Apart from the federal probe, Brown faces state charges of second-degree assault and misconduct in connection with Bowman's beating, the AP reports. He now faces state charges in connection with two other violent arrests of melanated motorists, one of which he bragged about last year in a group conversation with fellow troopers, stating that the suspect is "going to be sore" and "it warms my heart knowing we helped teach that young guy."

For those who are unfamiliar, this is the same department that murdered Ronald Greene. As with Bowman, the state police withheld the footage. Greene's family was informed he died in a vehicle accident, but body camera video showed he was OK after the wreck and was then tortured to death on the side of the road by police. Greene died only weeks after Bowman was assassinated.

“I was certain I was going to die that night,” Bowman told the Associated Press. “I don't want anybody to have to endure that.”

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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