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Cop beats 11th special needs girl, claims 'she was stronger than me' - no jail

A veteran Farmington  peace officer  was allowed to quietly resign  in an exceedingly  move  to flee  accountability after horrifying video footage showed him attacking an 11-year-old girl with special needs. At the time, he likely thought he got away, but  due to  pressure from accountability activists, former Farmington  lawman  Zachary Christensen was found guilty for his crimes in November. However,  because the  PBWW website often points out, even when cops are found guilty, they seldom see  the within  of a  prison cell , and Christensen was sentenced to probation. In November, Christensen pleaded no contest to a felony charge  of kid  abuse and a misdemeanor battery charge after roughing up an 11-year-old student  in the class . As  a part of  a plea deal, two other battery charges were dropped. He was facing a maximum sentence of three years behind bars. In a virtual hearing , prosecutors  involved  that maximum sentence, albeit, entirely unsuccessfully,  per  KOB. “[Christense