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A video shows cops shooting and killing a baby while holding his father hostage.

In May, a tragedy occurred as an hours-long police pursuit from Louisiana to Mississippi came to an end. After cornering Eric Derrell Smith, 30, in the I-10 median, cops opened fire on him as he sat in the driver's seat with one hand on his baby son and another on his revolver, according to accounts. The FBI has now stepped in to conduct an investigation six months later.

"We need an impartial third party to review the material, which will then be given over to us," Biloxi Police Chief John Miller stated.

Indeed, an independent source is required, as authorities first hesitated to claim the bullet that killed La'Mello Parker, who was three months old. Additionally, their assertions that a "shootout" occurred before the infant's death were proved to be untrue.

According to the Sun Herald,

Because police from the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Harrison County Sheriff's Department, and Gulfport Police Department were involved in the incident, the Biloxi Police Department is conducting an independent investigation.

Typically, the state crime lab examines evidence gathered during official investigations.

However, Miller said that he enlisted the FBI Crime Lab's assistance since MHP and the state crime lab are both administered by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

While police first stated there was a "shootout" during the chase, it was subsequently found that Smith did fire a shot, but it happened an hour before the pursuit concluded. According to the Advocate, Smith discharged his firearm at least an hour before the last gunfight, according to a person familiar with the inquiry who was not permitted to speak publicly about the topic. There were no policemen hurt.

Authorities responded to a 911 hang-up call in Baker, Louisiana, in May, according to police. When officers arrived, they discovered Christin Parker, 32, and her nephew Brandon Parker, 26, dead inside their home from gunshot wounds. Christin Parker's daughter was also in the house at the time of the shootings, but she rushed outdoors upon hearing the gunshots and made her way to a neighbour's house.

According to authorities, the daughter informed officers of her observations, and they were able to swiftly identify Smith as the suspected killer. Christin Parker and Smith were apparently in a relationship and had just broken up.

According to investigators, after murdering both Parkers, Smith abducted his son and escaped. On I-10 in Biloxi, officers apprehended Smith and used spike strips that slowed but did not stop his car.

Police are seen doing a pit manoeuvre to stop Smith's vehicle in a cellphone video posted online, and he gets caught in the median. He is then rapidly encircled by a dozen police vehicles. Smith was apprehended and separated from the general population after the interstate was blocked by police.

Following a lengthy confrontation, police shot and killed Smith and his baby son.

"Despite medical staff's attempts, the boy died as a consequence of his injuries," Maj. Chris DeBack of the Biloxi Police Department told WLOX.

We observe movement out of the driver's side window moments before cops opened fire on the car. Smith, on the other hand, did not seem to shoot on cops prior to their opening fire on him, causing many to feel a standoff and discussion should have taken place instead of instant lethal action.

Prior to this heinous crime, Smith had no prior convictions for domestic violence and no prior complaints from his claimed victims.

According to WLOX, two Harrison County Sheriff deputies, one of whom is a deputy, have been placed on administrative leave until the outcome of the inquiry.

The video may be seen below.

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