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Cop forced a compliant man to be mauled for four minutes before the dog began licking his wounds.

Michigan State trooper Parker Surbrook  33, was charged with felonious assault with a dangerous weapon. The lawsuit filed this week demanding more accountability. Surbrook is a 9 year veteran of the Michigan State Police. Driver Robert Gilliam broke his hip in the crash and says he was targeted because he was melanin. Gilliam says he ran because cops kill melanated people all the time and he was afraid of the police. The driver says he had no choice but to lie down on the ground and put his hands out in surrender after crashing his car. The K-9, Knox, followed Surbrook's orders and mauled the compliant man as he lay on the floor. He says he surrendered and could not get to his hands and feet to get up after the dog mauling. The video shows Surbrook yelling at his dog to attack Gilliam, who was unarmed and lying on the street. The dog followed Sur Brook's orders. The incident occurred on March 5. The man is suing the MSP and the police department. "He's got me…he's