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Cop Sneaks Into Innocent Family’s Backyard, Shoots Dog in Front of Children

Imagine celebrating your father's birthday in your own backyard, with everyone having an excellent time when all of a sudden an armed intruder comes onto your property and shoots your dog.

Sadly, for a family in Miami-Dade, there's no got to imagine this scenario because it happened to them over the weekend.

Boris Fernandez was celebrating his birthday in his backyard over the weekend when police reportedly received a call a few noise complaints.

When the officer responded, rather than getting to the front entrance, he likely claimed that the noise complaint gave him evidence to trespass, and getting into the family's fenced-in backyard.

When Fernandez's 18-month-old Belgian sheepdog named Luna heard the commotion at the gate, it did what dogs do and ran to the gate.

Fernandez's wife, Mariangel Manrique quickly ran to grab their puppy but before she could get there, the frightened officer pulled her gun and immediately resorted to deadly force - in spite of the dog posing no threat.

Police claimed the dog charged, but the video shows that's simply not true.

"You can tell just by watching the video she's not on one's guard," said Fernandez of his Belgian sheepdog.

As the video shows, the Miami-Dade cop then fired a round straight through the dog's bones.

"My dog approached her, and bang," Fernandez said.

"When I approached the officer, I said, 'What did you only do? You shot my dog for no reason,'" said Fernandez.

Luckily, Luna wasn't killed and was rushed to the vet as their home was becoming a criminal offense scene.

"The bullet went straight through her bones," said Fernandez.

"We're waiting to ascertain what the orthopedic surgeon goes to mention ."

Fernandez acknowledged the entire lack of warning from the officer and therefore the incontrovertible fact that the officer never knocked, rang the doorbell, or maybe announced herself.

Instead, she sneakily trespassed and shot their dog.

"When Amazon comes in here, they create themselves noticed. They tell us, 'Hey, we're here. We're delivering a package,'" said Fernandez.

"Can a politician not make themselves noticed, that they are here so we will walk outside, and if there's a problem, resolve it?".

Luckily, the whole situation was captured on Fernandez's closed-circuit television and shows that the officer acted in careless disregard for human life.

When the shot was fired, Manrique was only a couple of feet behind their dog.

What's more, just a couple of feet behind her were several children sitting at a table.

The children witnessed an individual who claims to "Protect" them put their lives in danger by trespassing into their backyard, shooting their dog, and not caring within the least that children were in the line of fireside.

According to Local 10, the family is angry other measures weren't taken, as now their 11-year-old son is surprised by the shooting.

"If you are not safe at your house, what else does one have left?" Fernandez said.

These children will now likely have nightmares and possibly even PTSD from seeing their dog getting shot only a couple of feet away.

According to police, they're now investigating themselves.

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