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Cop Sneaks Into Innocent Family’s Backyard, Shoots Dog in Front of Children

  Imagine celebrating your father's birthday in your own backyard, with everyone having  an excellent  time when all of a sudden an armed intruder comes onto your property and shoots your dog. Sadly, for a family in Miami-Dade,  there's  no  got to  imagine this scenario  because it  happened to them over the weekend. Boris Fernandez was celebrating his birthday in his backyard over the weekend when police reportedly received a call  a few  noise complaints. When the officer responded,  rather than  getting to  the  front entrance , he likely claimed that the noise complaint gave him  evidence  to trespass, and  getting into  the family's fenced-in backyard. When Fernandez's 18-month-old  Belgian sheepdog  named Luna heard the commotion at the gate, it did what dogs do and ran to the gate. Fernandez's wife, Mariangel Manrique quickly ran to grab their puppy but before she could get there, the frightened officer pulled her gun and immediately resorted to deadly force