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During a raid, Oyo police arrested an "innocent man standing in front of a shop."

Kayyus Taiwo, whose Twitter handle is @taokayaode, described how he was harassed and wrongly detained by members of the Oyo State Police Command for standing in front of a business centre.

Taiwo said that he was detained on October 12 while waiting for the proprietor of the business centre to arrive so that he could duplicate papers.

Taiwo said in a long Twitter thread on October 20 that those police officers had harassed and hurt him on the day in question.

As Taiwo stated, "On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, I was harassed and assaulted by the Nigeria Police Force and wrongfully detained in a cell overnight." " On my way home from work, my supervisor instructed me to assist him to file an application at a computer centre. To do this, I went to a prominent market in Ibadan. I researched the market and discovered a location, but the lady indicated she was unable to execute the job. She then gave me another location to me.

When I arrived, the business was closed from the outside, but the inside was unlocked; there was a sign posted outside that said, "Wait for me, I'll be back in a flash." Consequently, I had to wait. While waiting, this officer arrived. They numbered between seven and nine.

Only a small number of them wore uniforms, while the others wore muftis. They exploded the market, and several people fled. "

His confidence is betrayed.

Taiwo said that he did not budge an inch from where he stood out of a sense of innocence and trust that he had no evidence incriminating him.

"I did not flee since I had nothing to hide. While I was standing there, they came back and asked what I had in my bag. I told them everything.

"It had two pens, one exercise book, my voter and work identification cards, a phone charger, a power bank, and my oga's money."

However, Taiwo's confidence and the innocuous objects in his luggage were insufficient to keep him out of trouble with the authorities.

One of them, maybe their supervisor, simply ordered them to take me; they just took me onto their bus (a white-painted unofficial bus). 
He said that other arrests were made on the route to the station.

I entered and asked them a variety of questions, including 'where are you taking me, what did I do, and what is the name of your station?' I even called my supervisor, who asked me the same questions and asked to talk with them, but they did not respond. They confiscated my phones, and my boss continued to call, "he stated. 
However, they did not let me answer my calls. For about 10 minutes, we continued going. They stopped en route to see someone at a large complex. "

A Shout for Help

At this moment, Taiwo's concern for his own safety increased.

I would have been scared if they hadn't impersonated police officers and abducted me. In the meantime, just around three of them remained on the bus with me, "he wrote. I was able to get to the door and yell for assistance, stating that I had been abducted and that someone should assist me.

I continued to scream as if it were my last means of life, but they never stopped pounding me. I was overpowered and placed in the back of the car, where I was shackled and even threatened.

Brutality and repression

As Taiwo continued to yell for assistance, the cops ran back to where the bus was parked.

"At that point, they all came onto the bus and began pounding me to return." "I continued to yell, but they continued to strike me with the weapons in their hands," he wrote. "Later, we saw another bus like theirs with their policemen inside, and they turned me over to them. There, I discovered another man whom they had similarly tortured, and they pulled one shackle from my hands and used it to bind him as well.

"They left the place because I made a lot of noise, and people were filming us," she said.


Later, Taiwo's 'abductors' would move him to a different car.

"We subsequently saw a similar bus with its cops inside. "They turned me over to them, where I discovered another man whom they had also tortured, and they took one of my handcuffs and used it to bind him as well," he wrote.

Within a few minutes, the two buses were completely occupied. They transported us all to their station after 7 p.m. Before we entered the station, they gave us our baggage. " Attempted to connect with his relatives were rejected. "

As soon as Taiwo received his suitcase, he rushed to his phone to call his supervisor and family members.

"While attempting to respond to my brother's text, I got my phone out of my bag and messaged my employer," he wrote.

One of their policemen saw me typing, approached me, smacked me, and took my phone.

"They took our statements and took us straight to jail, even though we hadn't done anything wrong. They tried to get me to go into the cell, but I refused and asked them to bring my brother and employer instead."

The officer forced me inside and shut the gate. The men inside then began hitting me for not entering in the first place. Even though I had been hurt, he took the money out of my pocket after asking if the things in there were animals.


Taiwo said that he finally spent a night in jail for no apparent reason.

He added, "I spent the night there with the stench, the heat, and the aches." "The next day, between 12 and 1 p.m., my brother bailed me out (with money), leaving just four of the nine of us who had spent the night in their cell."


The Oyo State Police Command responded to the complaint on Twitter by saying that Taiwo had been told to talk to the Commissioner of Police about the problem.

The police said, "In the spirit of impartiality and openness, he was provided the direct phone number of the Commissioner of Police." In another tweet, the police said that the Police Commissioner has ordered a comprehensive inquiry into the incident.

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SARS, the once infamous police unit now known as the Rapid Response Squad, and its commander, Ogundola, are terrorising residents of the Ekiti region, according to reliable sources.

CSP Marcus Ogundola, head of the Ekiti State Police Command's Rapid Response Squad (RRS) unit, and unit operators have been charged with illegal executions, arrests, conversion of suspects' property to personal use, and demand of "outrageous bond amounts in return for people's release."

According to SaharaReporters, Ogundola was the leader of the infamous Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Force until it was abolished last year after the #EndSARS demonstrations.

SARS was infamous for its violence, extrajudicial executions, and violations of human rights.

On October 11, 2020, Mohammed Adamu, the former Inspector General of Police, announced the disbandment of the police unit in response to widespread outrage against the police unit's crimes.

According to people interviewed by SaharaReporters, the present RRS team is comprised up of former SARS agents.

"They are making a killing in police uniforms by extorting Ekiti State youths in the pretext of pursuing 'Yahoo lads' (Internet fraudsters). CSP Marcus Ogundola, the OC RRS, drives one of the newest Mercedes in town, a GLK to be exact," a resident informed SaharaReporters.

"He made headlines earlier this year during the deadly Omuo-Ekiti bye-election. He was riding in the same car as the criminals that murdered a lady and three others.

"He is an employee of Governor Kayode Fayemi, not of the Nigerian Police Force. He was the former Ekiti State OC SARS prior to the #EndSARS protest. That SARS unit was not abolished in Ekiti since it is comprised of the same individuals who currently compose the new RRS.

"When he was the OC SARS, he had Ogindan, nicknamed White Lion, as his second in command; Deji, aka DJ SARS; One Iku Raymond, Omo Ode; and a policewoman, Catherine as Iya Eji, Chief and Omo Oba. All of these identities and designations were given to his men when SARS was still operational, but guess what? They are now all employed by him in the RRS unit.

"Even the Commissioner of Police is afraid to warn him since he is a close confidant of Fayemi. The same group of men who were infected with SARS are still infected with RRS.

"The commissioner has no authority over him since he escorted him to Fayemi during his first arrival in Ekiti earlier this year. The RRS office has been relocated from police headquarters to the Fountain hotel on Iyin Road just to allow Marcus Ogundola to operate as he pleases."

Another resident, in an interview with SaharaReporters, accused the RRS agents of assault, torture, and ill-treatment.

"Today in Ado, fear of RRS is the precursor of wisdom," the insider said.

SaharaReporters previously reported on how RRS operatives pursuing suspected fraudsters, colloquially referred to as Yahoo boys, crushed and killed Assistant Superintendent of Police Ojo Ayeni.

According to reports, the deceased, who was assigned to Odo Ado Police Station, died on the scene.

"He returned home to eat; his wife has a business in the polytechnic town near Aba Ebira. Along the road, near the silo, there is this horrible area. Thus, the dead came to his wife's store to dine; he arrived on a motorbike borrowed from one of his buddies. He was employed in Odo Ado, a town not far from here.

"The RRS operatives were pursuing a Benz in two Hilux trucks. I'm not sure where they were pursuing the men from. As they were about to pass the Benz, the dead, widely known as Baba Ada, approached from the other direction and was struck by one of the cars. He passed very instantly," a source informed SaharaReporters.

However, the state police command's spokesman, ASP Sunday Abutu, refuted the claims.

"That is not accurate, and if individuals have proof that RRS agents have been pursuing them unlawfully, they should contact us, come forward, and inform us that they are innocent and RRS is pursuing them," he said.

"What we do know is that RRS agents are on the lookout for cults and other dangerous individuals in the community, and they conduct operations in response to distress calls. They do not just conduct operations, as was the case at Ikole that day. All I know is that criminal elements will be opposed to the squad's existence. Our hotlines are available to anybody who has an accusation against them. They should inform us rather than using social media to make any complaint."

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In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...