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Innocent Mother Beaten by a Swarm of Cops, Her Baby Used for Propaganda

Walter Wallace Jr.'s police shooting murder, a Philadelphia man in a mental health crisis who attacked policemen with a knife, sparked widespread uproar in the city. PBWW reported on many incidents of police personnel being assaulted and withdrawn from protesters on the first night of turmoil. On the second night, however, it seemed as if the officers were the ones rioting, and an innocent woman and her baby were caught in the crossfire. Several riot cops are seen swarming an SUV in a video shared on Twitter. They began breaking through all the windows on both sides for an inexplicable cause, with full disregard for anybody inside. When the passenger's side door is opened, a 16-year-old kid is dragged from the car while cops continue to beat him with their batons. He is pushed to the ground and continues to be beaten by the officers. Rickia Young, the driver, is also dragged from the car and abused. Former officer Darren Kardos, 42, was a primary organiser of this mob assault o