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Cop Arrested After conducting a Welfare test and Robbing the sufferer’s house

  A veteran cop was arrested on multiple felony charges including “suspicion of burglary” after he was captured on home surveillance footage repeatedly returning to  the house  of a dead 70-year-old man and stealing from him. Amazingly enough, despite the video, the officer  wasn't  immediately fired and instead placed on paid administrative leave. Deputy Steve Hortz, a 12-year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s department reportedly  had  a  range in  Yorba Linda after the family called  during a  welfare check on a 70-year-old man. When Hortz arrived, he found that  the person  had died of natural causes. Last month, on September 9, the family of the deceased called the department  to inform  them that multiple items were missing from  the house . An attorney for the family provided the department with surveillance footage from  the house  which showed this thieving deputy returning to the property on multiple occasions and leaving with stolen items.  within the  video, we se