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Bill Clinton on ‘Pedo Island’ w/ ‘Young Girls’, FBI Told About Child Rape and Did Nothing

Newly unsealed files tied to the Jeffrey Epstein intercourse-trafficking case mean that former US President Bill Clinton visited the investor's private island along with "younger ladies," and that the FBI knew properly approximately the minors' abuse. "whilst you had been present with Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton on the island, who else became there?" one witness - probably Giuffre - became requested throughout an interview, to which she replied that Epstein, Maxwell, an unidentified woman named "Emmy" and "2 young girls" have been on the island with the previous POTUS. The witness did no longer complex on Clinton's interactions with the ladies, but. The equal witness additionally advised her lawyer in 2011 that she had overheard Epstein announcing that Clinton owed him "Favors," but referred to she couldn't tell whether he was joking. Six references to bill Clinton in Virginia Roberts' chat along with h

FBI Launches Investigation Into EMT Killed By Cops, Moments Later Police Chief Quietly Quits

Simply before the chief made his statement of resignation, the FBI announced on Thursday that they opened research into the demise of Taylor. Officers from the Louisville Metro Police department claimed that officers knocked at the door and announced themselves and that they had been "immediately met by way of gunfire" from Walker, upon coming into the home. Law enforcement officials were reportedly looking for a suspect named Jamarcus Glover, who lived over 10 miles faraway from Walker and Taylor's domestic and have been arrested earlier than the police officers even broke down their door. For protecting himself in his own home in opposition to armed robbers in the incorrect house seeking to kidnap him for alleged drug possession, Walker has been charged with first-degree assault and tried homicide of a police officer. In step with Aguiar, police have been certainly searching out someone else and other officials had picked the suspect up at his domestic in a se

FBI Arrests Ghislaine Maxwell, Friend of Billionaire Pedophile, in Child-Trafficking Probe

Ghislaine Maxwell, the English socialite and beneficiary who turned into a partner of disrespected agent Jeffrey Epstein, who was later blamed for helping the extremely rich person pedophile in dealing kids, has been captured by the FBI . on accuses she planned of Epstein to explicitly manhandle and traffic kids. Maxwell's capture comes only days before the commemoration of Epstein's capture which would later prompt the sentenced pedophile's incredibly questionable self-destruction. As TFTP detailed, sources inside the FBI purportedly affirmed a year ago that the agency was examining the English socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and a few other anonymous people associated with aiding multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein enroll and misuse underage young ladies.  Maxwell, who supposedly dated Epstein in the mid-1990s before settling into a dear fellowship with the tycoon, has been MIA since Epstein's July 2019 capture. Not long after, Epstein murdered himself while an

Cops Go Back to Where They Killed Elijah McClain, Take Photos Sadistically ‘Reenacting’ His Murder

There is no compelling reason to envision this, in light of the fact that it is actually what occurred in Aurora, Colorado. As indicated by CBS 4 Denver, the Denver Division of the FBI gave an announcement Tuesday about photographs of Aurora cops taken at the Elijah McClain dedication. Sources reveal to CBS4 Agent Brian Maass the photographs show the officials reenacting the carotid restriction, which was utilized on McClain. "We are assembling additional data about that episode to decide if a government social liberties examination is justified, " authorities expressed.  Aurora break police boss Vanessa Wilson discharged an announcement this week taking note of that she got some answers concerning the occurrence last Thursday and propelled an examination. The examination was finished on Monday, as indicated by Wilson. "This examination will be freely discharged completely instantly upon its decision, " Wilson said. Regardless of asserting the examination was fi

The Same Dept Who Beat Peaceful Protesters in DC, Executed an Unarmed Accountant on Video

As TFTP reported, dashcam footage was released that shows police shooting and killing an unarmed man they claimed was responsible for a hit-and-run. However, the man was actually the victim of a traffic accident and the video shows that he then became the victim of murder by police. It’s been over two years since the shooting death of Bijan Ghaisar and the FBI, the Justice Department, and Park Police have not given a single reason for the use of deadly force — a fact the parents of Ghaisar find “maddening.” Now, we have some insight into why these cops have been so tight-lipped. The same police who executed Ghaisar has since come under fire for their handling of protesters outside the White House. It also explains why they have refused to hold any of their cops accountable, including the ones caught on international television beating an Australian  news crew. “This is very heartbreaking,” said James Ghaisar, Bijan’s father. “I cannot tell you how many times a day literally I

The Cops in US arrest a South Sudanese who is an FBI agent. WATCH what happens! 😃😃😃

The Cops in the US arrest a South Sudanese who is an FBI agent. WATCH what happens!  😃 😃 😃 Subscribe to more videos: