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Cops Brag About Forcing Lies About Marijuana On School Children Using Bogus "Weed Googles"

  This year, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana for adult use. As of Jan. 2020, consumers aged 21 and older  can purchase  marijuana products from licensed sellers in Illinois - with or without a medical marijuana card. This was  an enormous  breakthrough  in terms of the war on drugs and  is additionally  shoring  the state's economy amid the pandemic disaster. Sales have totaled over $300 million since  the start  of the year  which  number is growing. Because marijuana  is way  safer than alcohol and other drugs,  it's  a viable option  for several  people that  don't wish to experience the side effects of other harder "Legal" drugs. Despite the proven safety of the plant  and therefore the  incontrovertible fact that  nobody  ever has died from its use, in most of the country, recreational marijuana remains illegal. As the following example shows, even in Illinois where  it's  legal, police are still devoting resources - usin