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Court docket lets in Police to use registration code Scanners to ALL Drivers, Even innocent Ones

  In a blow to privacy that extends the government’s authority  to make   an internet  of surveillance, the Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that state  and native  police are  unengaged to  use Automated  registration number plate  Readers (ALPRs)  to gather  data about the travel and movement of persons throughout the state. Denouncing  the actual fact  that Americans cannot even drive their cars without being tracked by  the govt. , The Rutherford Institute had asked the Court to  rule  Fairfax County  local department  v. Neal that  the utilization  of ALPRs violated a Virginia law restricting government collection  of private  information. Mounted next to traffic lights or on police cars, ALPRs photograph over 1,800 license tag numbers per minute, take  an image   of each  passing license tag number, and store the tag number  and therefore the  date, time,  and placement  of  the image   in an exceedingly  searchable database.  the info  is then shared with  enforcement , fusion c