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‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Cops Kneel on Motionless Man’s Neck — Until He Dies

After the death of Eric Garner in 2014 shook the nation, the phrase “I can’t breathe” has become a chilling symbol for violence doled out at the hands of the state. TFTP has reported on multiple instances in which entirely peaceful and often innocent people have muttered those words just before police officers squeeze the last bit of life from their bodies. Tragically, as the video below shows us, this is still happening. Subscribe to more videos:

Blue Wall of Silence; Police Retaliation

(fmr Baltimore Detective) "In 2011, JOE CRYSTAL had informed on two other cops who engaged in police brutality. And it had cost him his livelihood." CARIOL HORNE- - Black Law Enforcement Professionals, “are asking for the support of former Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne. Officer Horne was unjustly fired because she dared to intervene in stopping her co-worker, Officer Kwiatkowski, from assaulting a cuffed suspect and violating a suspect’s rights.” Sign Petition: Petition · Support Former Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne to Receive her Pension · KATHY SWILLEY- Sign Petition: (Fmr Houston Police ) “Officer Swilley was bullied, falsely accused and terminated, after reporting discrimination in the Houston Police Department. This all changed after Swilley reported what she believed was discrimination by her supervisors’. she wa