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They attack innocent grandma, smash her arm, as cops arrest her mentally ill son

 Ruby Jones, 74, has never been in trouble with the police. And, when police came to her home back in August, they weren't there for her. However, because the officers were completely incompetent when it involves de-escalation and customary decency, Jones would go away her point handcuffs, having been assaulted by the police, and, with a broken arm.

According to police, they were at Jones’ home that day to arrest her insane grandson for allegedly calling in an exceedingly bomb threat to a psychological state facility at which he accustomed be a patient. Though the incident happened back in August, police didn’t release the body camera footage until in the week.

As the footage shows, Jones is solely pleading with the cops, informing them that her son is unsound and to please be sure.

“What’s going on?” Jones asked.

“He encompasses a warrant for his arrest,” an official responded.

As Jones attempted to urge more information from the officers and tell them the way to approach her son, they shoved her aside and made their way into her home.

“He’s bipolar,” Jones said.

Jones told KOCO 5 News she tried to assist the officers to handle her son as he's unsound but they couldn’t have cared less.

“And he doesn’t have a gun,” Jones told the officers.

“I don’t know that ma’am,” an official said.

“Well, I do,” Jones responded.

Apparently attempting to inform the cops that her son was unarmed and insane set the officers off, who then moved in to assault the innocent grandmother.

As the video shows, police grabbed the elderly woman and twisted her arms behind her back to put her in handcuffs. This caused her to fall to the bottom and rather than helping her up as they must, cops yanked on the woman’s 74-year-old arms, breaking one in all of them.

“[Police] took my arm, mashed it all up, praise God, and put it up there, and that I had both the handcuffs on then,” Jones said.

“My arm, sir,” Jones said is heard saying within the video.

“Are you visiting walk?” an official responded, attempting to account for their abusive behavior on their victim — an innocent elderly grandma.

“As good as I can, sir. I’m 74 years old,” she said.

Jones was then dragged to the squad car where she was detained and held without charges before being discarding.

It took the state capital department of local government over five months to “investigate” themselves and determine that the officers involved acted inappropriately. However, it's unclear whether or not the officers would face or have faced any discipline.

When asked by KOCO if the abuse within the video below may be a protocol for his or her officers, the department released the subsequent statement.

“It determined that the responding officers should have made greater efforts to de-escalate things before resorting to using force,” the department said in a very statement.

KOCO reports that the egregious behavior from the department didn’t stop at breaking her arm. She says they need been fighting for the body camera video since the first incident but police refused.

Jones says the primary time she saw the video was after it absolutely was released to the media. Jones is now suing the department and is certain to win.

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