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NO jail for police officers Who Pleaded guilty to walking Steroid Ring, promoting pills to different cops

Cops across the country are often caught committing  identical  crimes  that  they routinely kidnap and cage people. From stealing from charities to selling drugs they steal from their jobs as cops, many  cops  have proven to be as bad or worse than the criminals from which they claim  to safeguard  society.  the subsequent  instance out of Kentucky of a cop running a steroid ring highlights this hypocrisy quite well and it exposes the sheer lack of accountability they face  after they  do so. Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Baker and Reserve Officer Phillip E. Thomas both pleaded guilty to both using steroids and running a steroid ring  during which  they sold drugs to their fellow officers.  rather than  jail, however, they both received  but  one year of probation. The special treatment given  to those  cops is disgusting considering they made careers out of ruining people’s lives for  the precise  same thing. Last year, Scott County deputy Joe Baker took to Facebook to brag about

Grandpa, Granddaughter, 12, Cuffed, Detained—for beginning a financial institution Account whilst Native American

  Although the duo had three  varieties of  identification, a Native American Canadian and his granddaughter were detained by police outside their bank because the clerk believed something was amiss. Maxwell Johnson, a member of the Heiltsuk community located on British Columbia’s Central Coast, wanted  to assist  his daughter access  a number of  his funds while she was away playing out of town sports. What  started off  as  a decent  idea  to assist  his granddaughter  resulted in  Johnson nearly being kidnapped and caged. Because  nobody  was held  in command of  the ridiculous treatment, Johnson  goes  after police  within the   style of  a  suit . The Guardian reports that Johnson has accused the Vancouver  department of local government   and also the  Bank of Montreal of racism in complaints at  a people  Columbia Human Rights Tribunal  and therefore the  Canadian Human Rights Commission. “It’s affected me  quite  a bit,” said Johnson. “When this happened to us, my anxiety just

One-12 months-old baby Shot dead As 3 police officers Open hearth on Father’s Truck After Crash

  A tragedy unfolded for a family on Thanksgiving that started with an estranged father taking his one-year-old baby son and ended  therewith  father and son shot.  the daddy  is currently in critical condition  and therefore the  baby tragically died. The incident began when officers were alerted about an alleged domestic dispute in Kawartha Lakes in Ontario.  consistent with  police, the dispute involved a firearm  and therefore the  abduction of the one-year-old baby by his father. A resident told local news that after  the kidnapping   the lady , her son, and a therapist knocked on his door  searching for  shelter. “Some people came to the house and wanted in, for  a secure  haven, and there was something about the husband had left with  the tiny  baby,” said Tom Deciccio. When police located  the daddy  on a rural country road, all hell broke loose when his truck collided with another vehicle and a police vehicle. According to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which investiga