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Before his body temp hit 109 and he died, Jail Pumps Heat into the Mentally Ill Man's Cell

  Tommy Lee Rutledge, 44, spent the last moments of his life shoving his face as close as he could to the window of his cell gasping for cooler air.  the warmth  was being pumped into his  jail cell   within the   psychological state  ward and he had no  thanks to  escaping it, causing his body temp to skyrocket to 109, killing him from hyperthermia. The Alabama Department of Corrections has refused to answer any questions  on  why Rutledge’s cell was so hot given  the very fact  that on the night he died,  the surface  temperature was 31 degrees. They cited an “ongoing investigation” as their reason for silence. According to Rutledge’s autopsy, he was found unresponsive in Donaldson prison on the night of Dec. 7, sitting near the window of his single-occupant cell  together with his  head “facing out the window,” in  an obvious   try to  breathe cooler air. Beth Shelburne,  a contract  journalist obtained the autopsy report, otherwise,  the small print  of Rutledge’s death may  have n