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Constables Arrest and Assault Man Having a Seizure, Taxpayers Held Liable

After the 2014 murder of Eric Garner, the phrase “I can't breathe” has become a frightening emblem for state-sanctioned brutality. According to the PBWW website, many calm and innocent individuals have said such words moments before police officers squeezed their last breath. George Floyd's final words were "I can't breathe." Many more victims of police brutality have managed to utter those words shortly before dying since his death, according to the PBWW website.

“If you can speak, you can breathe!” police say as they choke detainees. Sadly, this policy is nearly always incorrect.

He pleaded for his life as several deputies climbed on top of him due to a medical emergency. Now Forsyth County taxpayers will be held responsible for the cops' cruel acts.

He was refused the use of an inhaler for his asthma and authorities disregarded repeated indications that he was in medical distress, according to the complaint filed last week. Rockingham Now says:

Seán Neville, John Neville's son and executor of his father's estate sued in federal court in the Middle District of North Carolina, which covers Forsyth County, on Sept. 28. Defendants include jail guards and a nurse. On top of that, the complaint names Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr. and Wellpath LLC as defendants.

On Dec. 2, 2019, Neville was discovered semi-conscious on the prison cell floor. According to the complaint, officers refused Neville his inhaler medicine, causing him to tumble from his cell's top bed.

The deputies keep urging Neville to “calm down,” but he panics and stands up.

“You had a seizure.” “They're simply helping you. They do this to keep you safe.”

“You'll be OK, buddy,” a deputy adds. “You'll be OK. “You're having a medical episode.”

No air. I'm gasping. I'm gasping. Help!” “If you can speak, you can breathe,” Neville remarked to deputies.

But Neville was honest. He couldn't inhale

But the deputies refused to turn Neville over so he could recover his breath. He asked them over 30 times, each time they refused.

Neville's handcuffs were broken and he couldn't get them off. This made the deputies chuckle, and they started laughing.

“Whose cuffs?” A voice behind the camera wonders who has Neville's cuffs.

A deputy claims them.

They all chuckle as the speaker replies, ‘That's out of your paycheck.'

One deputy tells others they may take a break if they need to if they like holding down Neville.

Neville lost consciousness and stopped breathing after 11 minutes of police on him.

Someone yells, “You murdered him!” “You did it.”

He was taken to the hospital but died.

The News & Observer reports:

The lack of oxygen caused a heart attack and brain damage from being restrained prone.

Given the frequency of fatalities, the practice of securing inmates on their stomachs with their arms tied behind them is highly contested throughout the nation.

Seven months after Neville's death, Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O'Neill charged six individuals involved: a nurse and five officers with felony involuntary manslaughter.

Deputies Sarah E. Poole, Antonio M. Woodley, and Christopher Stamper, Corp. Edward J. Roussel, and Sgt. Michelle Heughins, RN

The News & Observer battled for months for the footage, but the DA refused. On July 31, 2020, Superior Court Judge Greg Horne ordered the sheriff's office to disclose two recordings to the media coalition.

These videos are unsettling, so be warned.

Video news coverage and summary:


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