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3 Cops Surround Unarmed Man, Block Him In, Fill Him With Holes for Backing Up

Stoney Ramirez, 23, was  an individual  of interest  within the  death of  a person  at a homeless camp in Hayward, California in May. Police eventually located Ramirez 3 weeks later, and moments after finding him, he'd be shot  quite  a dozen times for  retreating  of a driveway. Police  haven't  yet said how they were  ready to  link Ramirez to the  May Day  killing or what the man's connection to the neighborhood was. When they found him on May 20, parked  during a  driveway in Hayward, they unloaded on him before  they might  determine  if he was guilty or not. For nearly three months, police withheld the body camera footage. When asked why, the department claimed it initially withheld the footage to "Preserve the integrity of the investigation." "We take  the utilization  of force very seriously, especially when it  leads to  death," Hayward  captain  Toney Chaplin said. "We're sharing this information with our community, so  you've got