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Massive Masked Officer Attacks and Knocks Woman to the Ground for Being in a Park at Night

In the land of the free, if a police officer desires to extort you, even for a minor offence in which there is no victim, they may and will use force to do so. Angel Guice, who had never before interacted with police, learned this lesson the hard way over the weekend when an Atlanta police officer assaulted her during an extortion attempt. The argument occurred late on a Sunday evening at Shady Valley Park when Guice and her unidentified male companion were enjoying a pleasant summer evening outside. With the arrival of Atlanta police officer Brooks, however, that tranquilly would come to an abrupt end. Apparently, Guice and her buddy were allegedly at the park after it had closed, which constitutes extortion. The pair were unaware that the park had been completed less than one hour before the arrival of the inspector. Officer Brooks opted to extort the pair with tickets for being at the park after it had closed, as opposed to just instructing them to leave. A video uploaded on Instagr