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Massive Masked Officer Attacks and Knocks Woman to the Ground for Being in a Park at Night

In the land of the free, if a police officer desires to extort you, even for a minor offence in which there is no victim, they may and will use force to do so. Angel Guice, who had never before interacted with police, learned this lesson the hard way over the weekend when an Atlanta police officer assaulted her during an extortion attempt.

The argument occurred late on a Sunday evening at Shady Valley Park when Guice and her unidentified male companion were enjoying a pleasant summer evening outside. With the arrival of Atlanta police officer Brooks, however, that tranquilly would come to an abrupt end.

Apparently, Guice and her buddy were allegedly at the park after it had closed, which constitutes extortion. The pair were unaware that the park had been completed less than one hour before the arrival of the inspector. Officer Brooks opted to extort the pair with tickets for being at the park after it had closed, as opposed to just instructing them to leave.

A video uploaded on Instagram by Guice's sister depicts the subsequent events. She refused to sign the ticket because she believed she had committed no offence. She then requested the officer's name and badge number.

Officer Brooks used his power to abduct Guice for failing to sign the ticket quickly enough. Despite Guice's concession that she would now sign the ticket, this occurred.

Guice adds, "I understand, but I'm going to sign the ticket" as officer Brooks prepares to physically confront her.

"Place your hands behind your back," said Officer Brooks.

"Mr. Brooks, I'm going to sign the ticket," she declares as he prepares to cage her for being at a park less than an hour after it closed.

Officer Brooks proceeded to use force because Guice did not want to be abducted and incarcerated for attending a park whose maintenance was paid for by her taxes. Guice was then flung to the ground by the enormous officer who, for some reason, was wearing a baclava.

Guice exclaims, "Oh my God, I'm so terrified!" She cries out as a police officer twice her height climbs her, takes out his taser, and shoves it in her face while holding her down on the ground.

Guice was beaten physically, placed in handcuffs, transported to prison, and placed in a cage for being in a park at night.

Notably, the Atlanta police department supports the officer's conduct, citing Guice's initial refusal to sign the citation as justification for the officer's use of force against an otherwise completely innocent woman.

When a person refuses to sign a ticket, the APD added in a long statement, "the officer may then physically arrest the suspect."

According to the police, she started aggressively opposing his attempts. As the police sought to take her into jail, this ended in a violent struggle. "

The statement in part reads:

To address the numerous issues raised by the female:

An officer is not compelled to read Miranda rights to a suspect prior to arrest.

The officer was permitted to wear a mask and rubber gloves in an effort to protect himself from communicable viruses or illnesses.

If, after an officer informs you that you will be brought to prison for a certain offence, you choose to test the officer's limits, you will end up in jail.

This event started with an attempt to address problems in our public parks. Clearly, the officer meant to give citations to each group and allow them to exit the park. Multiple foolish actions that were completely beyond our control led to a violent fight with a police officer and this guy's arrest.

Guice's sister disagreed with this concept when she shared a video of the confrontation on Instagram with the caption, "Where's the respect as a citizen?" Are we not permitted to inquire about our rights without letting our egos take over? Why was a taser withdrawn? Why was she patted down by a male police officer? Aren't the cops here to serve and protect? What kind of instruction is this? "

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