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Residents Horrified to Find Out Cop Once Charged with Murder Hired to Patrol Their Streets

Terry Thompson, a 41-year-old Harris Area man stifled another man to death at a nearby Denny's in 2017 as his cop spouse, Chauna Sheffield Thompson, supported him by not meddling. A jury indicted Terry Thompson for homicide for the demise of John Hernandez in 2018 and he was condemned to 25 years in jail. Charges against Chauna Thompson, anyway, were discreetly dropped a year ago and now she is watching an area in Houston. Normally, occupants of the Balmoral Sub-Division are not exactly satisfied with this situation.  As FOX 26 reports, messages to the Balmoral Sub-Division Property holder's Affiliation began pouring in around fourteen days back when inhabitants discovered their security official was previous Harris Province Sheriff's Delegate Chauna Sheffield Thompson, who was terminated after Hernandez was killed in Denny's parking area. After the homicide allegation was dropped against Thompson, she was recruited to watch the Balmoral Sub-Division. "We don&#