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Cops Allegedly Pepper Spray Double Amputee, Steal His Legs as He Crawls for Help

After endless blameless individuals were harmed in fights by police utilizing poisonous gas and pepper shower in the course of recent weeks, a week ago, the city of Columbus, Ohio gave a command for cops to no longer utilize nerve gas and pepper splash "to scatter non-forceful, peaceful groups. " When dissenters rioted on Sunday evening in Columbus, police were given a go to utilize concoction weapons. Just five days in the wake of giving his request keeping cops from utilizing pepper splash on anybody however rough agitators, the city hall leader backtracked and upheld its utilization on serene individuals remaining in a road. "We have been clear about regarding and securing serene dissent. "  " I will again Reiterate That We regard and energize quiet dissent, reason forceful acts could That Police and dissidents in danger can not go on without serious consequences ". In spite of guaranteeing nonconformists were utilizing brutality against police

As City Moves to Disband Dept., Cops Conduct Drive-by Pepper Sprays on Peaceful Protesters

On Saturday, several Minneapolis city council members announced that big things were coming in the pipeline that would be revealed on Sunday. Then, on Sunday, nine members of the Minneapolis City Council proclaimed their support for disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department at a rally. Around the same time, Minneapolis cops were proving to the public exactly why they need to be disbanded — by conducting drive-by pepper sprays on entirely peaceful protesters. Subscribe to more videos: