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Bystanders Yell at Cop to Stop as He Chokes a Small 13Yo Boy

  After a video surfaced of the  capital of Louisiana   policeman  choking  a little  13-year-old boy, city officials promised a “prompt, transparent review.” Predictably, however, despite the promise  and therefore the  shocking encounter captured on video, officials haven’t released  such a lot   because of the  officer’s name. “I have viewed the short snippet of video and snapshots shared via social media,” Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome said  within the  statement. “The actions I viewed prompted me to contact our chief of police  to confirm  he was  attentive to   this example .” But the  police officer   is selecting   to stay  silent and has not released any details about the alleged “investigation.” Adding to the insidious nature of this attack on  a toddler  is that,  per  the family,  the kid  had not committed  a criminal offense .  per  family, the officers mistook  the little  child  for somebody  else. “The family says, the teen, 13, was allegedly mistaken  for someb