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Cops claim the ashes of a father's murdered daughter is meth and dump them on the ground.

Body camera video released this week shows the extent to which police will go to justify their existence in the war on drugs — up to and including desecrating the remains of a little girl.

In 2019, Dartavius Barnes, the father of Ta'Naja Barnes, experienced every parent's worst nightmare when he found his daughter unresponsive in her home.

She would later be pronounced dead in a Decatur hospital and an autopsy would reveal she was murdered.

Ta'Naja's mother and her mother's boyfriend would later be arrested on murder charges over her death.

Ta'Naja was later cremated and Barnes remembered his daughter by carrying around her ashes with him in a micro urn.

Because the state is a soulless machine that knows no limit to destruction and terror when carrying out the arbitrary war on drugs, Barnes' daughter's remains would be desecrated by police.

According to a recent lawsuit filed by Barnes against the City of Springfield, he was unlawfully detained on April 6, 2020, and during this unlawful detainment, he was searched.

In the state of Illinois, it is not illegal to have marijuana on your person as they voted to legalize it recreationally in 2019.

Nevertheless, the officer used this as a reason to search.

Barnes was confused as he had no drugs in his car so he asked the cop what he was talking about.

An officer then shows him the urn.

"No, that's my daughter!"

Barnes yells as he tries to reach for the urn.

"This is his daughter's ashes that Reibeling thought tested positive for meth," the officer said.

The officers were about to test it again but Barnes was so distraught they believed him.

After being handcuffed in the back of the car for 21 minutes and watching police desecrate his daughter's remains, Barnes was released.

After Barnes was released, the body cameras kept rolling and captured the officers' disgusting exchange.

"I'm just gonna give him the notice to appear on the weed," one cop said.

"OK, aside from pissing off dad and testing the dead baby ashes?" the other responded.

Naturally, when police responded to the lawsuit, they claimed qualified immunity saying "their conduct was justified by an objectively reasonable belief that it was lawful."

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