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Pedophile Cop Arrested for Running Child Porn Network While Patrolling the Streets

Residents of Elmore, Ohio likely felt secure when they saw the police vehicle belonging to Elmore police officer Samuel Kurp drive through their neighborhoods. They likely felt "Protected" and "Safe" as Kurp crept down their streets. They won't feel so protected and safe anymore now that this alleged pedophile cop was arrested for distributing child pornography whilst on the job. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who headed up the arrest, on August 4, 2020, a referral was forwarded by the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to the Oregon Police Department who then forwarded the cyber tip to the FBI's Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force. The cyber tip indicated an individual had been utilizing a social media messenger app to upload and/or send to another user or group of users 26 videos or image files of child sexual abuse material, the FBI said. Investigators determined the IP addresses being used to send and rece