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Donald Trump and the Shithole Presidency

From the day he launched his campaign to the monstrous place we are in now. Yesterday had to be his worst and most racist day ever. Trying to deny that he had called  El Salvador , Haiti,  and a few  African countries "Shitholes" at  a gathering  with lawmakers. Only to be called a liar by a Senator who was at that meeting. Or as an asshole...Donald Trump  may be a  racist. This should be said without excuses, without evasions, without caveats. It is about power - Trump's power  which  of his administration in kicking the helpless, the deprived, the desperate. For  an additional  dose of humiliation, there was the insane excuse the flaming Orange Oaf came up with for canceling his visit to Britain. Even though the embassy was relocated for security reasons, George W. Bush not Obama. The real reason Trump canceled his visit to Britain, was because  British  people had made it clear he wasn't wanted and were planning massive demonstrations. Which was truly pathetic, or