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NYPD Says Cops Justified in Beating of Innocent Man for Taking Up 2 Seats on Empty Train

As TFTP stated closing week, body camera photos showed a NY metropolis police officer brutally assaulting a homeless guy for taking over more than one seat on a near-empty subway train. The 30-year-antique homeless guy recognized as Joseph Troiano became charged with a legal attack for allegedly kicking the officer's hand whilst he changed into being assaulted and handcuffed. The video shows the start of the altercation in which the officer needlessly escalated the scenario by time and again punching Joseph in the face and it does not show such kicks to the officer's hand. The kicks were sincerely Joseph flailing round as he became being abducted for the non-crime of sitting in seats on an empty educate. "consistent with the new york post, NYPD Officer Shimul Saha claimed in a criminal complaint that after police officers attempted to pull the man off the educate he began flailing his arms and kicking his legs, making it difficult to place him in hand