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On the Same Day Cops Killed George Floyd, 5 Other People Were Killed by Police

A video indicating Minneapolis police murdering George Floyd has started fights the world over, however, the development that he enlivened is far greater than only one individual. What befell George Floyd isn't surprising, it happens each day all through the US, and more often than not the police can get by with no analysis since they can control a huge bit of the proof, and their declaration is given more weight than the residents they cooperate with. Indeed, even in situations where video proof arrives at the open, police have an extensive rundown of reasons and avocations for their savagery, which regularly go unchallenged by the media, who additionally concede to the official's form of occasions by and large, similarly as the courts do. The police and the media will likewise cooperate to defame survivors of police savagery and kill their character since the open will commonly show less compassion toward flawed casualties.  Their pasts are uncovered, spread all around th


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How Individual Professional Liability Insurance Could Reform US Policing

(The Society Pages)  In the aftermath of  George Floyd’s murder , activists and policymakers are advocating for fundamental reforms to stop police violence. Requiring police to carry their own liability insurance is an idea that has already attracted significant support. Having studied the push for police misconduct insurance in Minneapolis, I can provide some background on both the proposal and the social movement behind it. A central way that police violence and police impunity are perpetuated is through financial immunization of officers. For several years, legal scholars have been examining the role that public and private insurers can play in reforming the police and increasing accountability in jurisdictions that carry municipal liability insurance—a type of insurance that many small municipalities and some larger ones rely on to some degree. Insurance is a vital system for regulating behavior. For example,  municipal-level insurers compel police agencies to adopt policies