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Bad Cop Cleared for Punching Innocent Man as Good Cops Punished for Releasing Video

On December 18, 2018, Miami Beach police officer Adriel Dominguez misplaced his mood and delivered a haymaker to the face Lowell Poitier Jr., sending the harmless guy crashing to the ground. One might think that the two law enforcement officials who showed a crook cop punching an innocent guy might receive a merchandising and the bad cop fired and charged, right? Wrong. As opposed to selling the 2 cops who exposed a bad cop inside their ranks, inner Affairs investigators gave Miami seashore Police Officer Alfredo Garcia a written caution for "producing and distributing an unauthorized version of recordings" from his frame digicam. Similar to that, the bad cop gets a bypass and the 2 top law enforcement officials are punished for crossing the skinny blue line. The record says, Poitier, who's Black, swore at the officials and known as the "Crackers." Video of the disagreement suggests Poitier walk toward Adriel Dominguez and placed his face inside inches of the of