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How the Lagos Police Department extorted N40,000 from Ekwueme Varsity students on their way to board a plane to return to school in Nigeria

Students of the Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ikwo, Ebonyi State, Michael Ekene Okonkwo, and Udo Chukwu Maduforo, have described how some police officers assigned to the Airport Command, Ikeja, Lagos, extorted N40,000 from them when they were on their way to catch a plane back to school.

According to reports, the students were in a taxi on their way to the local wing on Saturday morning when their car was stopped by a squad of police officers in front of the Golden Tulip Hotel, which is located along Airport Road at around 11 a.m. Vanguard reported that the students said that the police searched them and did not discover anything damning throughout the investigation. They begged the police officers to enable them to take their flight to school and handed them their identity cards, but their pleadings went unheard by the officers.

“They harassed us and delayed us without informing us of the nature of our offense. it was discovered that there was nothing incriminating in our belongings when they searched them. Someone shoved us in the face and then took N40,000 from us at the conclusion of the incident. “At the end of the day, we were late for our flight,” the students admitted. Mrs. Evelyn Okonkwo, the mother of one of the kids, stated, "When I got a phone call from my son informing me that they were being detained by the police, I immediately went to the location and hoped that an unintentional gunshot would not be fired."

All I wanted to know was what crime they had done that had resulted in their being imprisoned. As I approached the location, he phoned again to inform me that the cops had freed them after extracting N40,000 in ransom money from them.

“The money was intended to be used for their educational expenses. The aircraft had already taken off by the time they got to the airport.

“They were late for their Air Peace flight, which was due to depart at 11:40 a.m. They were forced to return home and fly on Sunday am, incurring additional expenses.”

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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