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The cop attacks the innocent woman, rips off the badge to challenge the man to fight

Link to the video:   Often, people wonder why  others  don’t immediately stop  after they  see the red and blue lights come on behind them while driving. And, time and again,  cops  are seen on video after video showing exactly why one would be wary of stopping. Xavier Tate, 23, was targeted for extortion for an arbitrary “traffic infraction” last week when he  failed to  immediately  manoeuver .  in keeping with  Tate’s aunt, Shanika Fletcher, Tate was scared  to prevent  along the roadside and opted to drive to his home so he could feel safe during the stop. Tate’s mother, Lakita Fletcher said she’s always told her son to drive to  a secure  place if police ever  attempt to  pull him over, and he did exactly that. “I always told my son, with what’s  happening   within the  world  without delay  with these cops jumping on these young Black men, if they ever  drag  you, son,  you're taking  them to a store somewhere that’s open where  you are feeling  s