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Cop Mows Down man on Scooter, Sends Him Flying—Now he's combating for His lifestyles

 On Sunday evening, owners of ATVs and dirt bikes gathered together in Providence, Rhode Island, and started riding through town streets. During this make-shift parade, a lawman was seen appearing to chase one in all the riders — despite policy forbidding such chases — before ramming the person, sending him flying through the air. That 24-year-old man is now in critical condition.

Providence police say they're now investigating the officer-involved incident. in step with Providence police captain Hugh Clements, officers were within the area after responding to multiple calls about the 200-300 ATVs riding through the realm. The vehicle the person was driving wasn't an ATV and perceived to be a scooter.

Although Providence Police were seen following the ATVs and therefore the man on the scooter, the Providence local department has certain no-chase policies because of public safety liabilities, and police say stopping the bikers is commonly a problemper WPRI. The video below appears to indicate the rationale for such a no-chase policy.

We have no idea what led up to the instance or why the peace officer was pursuing the person on the scooter. However, we do know what happened after the brief pursuit began.

As the video shows, the officer within the SUV appears to be driving after the person on the scooter before they both make a right turn. The camera briefly pans away before turning back to the scooter and that we see the person flying several feet before crashing into the pavement.

When the officers are seen responding to the crash, the person is unconscious and in need of life-saving help. rather than help, however, police appeared more concerned with obstructing the crash scene by moving the man’s scooter off to the side. Several officers are then seen callously walking by the unconscious man as others tell bystanders and witnesses to induce back.

The man’s name or whether he’d been accused of any crimes weren't available as of the publishing of this text. In response to the incident, the Rhode Island chapter of Black Lives Matter issued an announcement.

“Police officer(s) from Providence local department intentionally and deliberately runs down and crashes a young African-American man on a scooter with their police truck in a visible criminal excessive use of force and assault with a deadly weapon (police vehicle) knocking him unconscious and resulting in his hospitalization at Rhode Island Hospital where he's currently being treated for life-threatening injuries,” BLM RI wrote in an Instagram post.

Mayor Jorge Elorza was reportedly on the scene of the crash and also issued a press release.

“We’re visiting get to the underside of it and determine exactly what happened,” Elorza said.

Later within the night, his office released a statement:

We had a terrible incident in our city tonight that left a young man severely injured— we hope he will make a full recovery. Our police are actively reviewing all video evidence, reprimand witnesses, and recreating the scene. we are going to be doing a full investigation and can still communicate because the investigation unfolds.

In response to the crash, the police officer used that moment to speak about the danger of ATVs essentially blaming the person on the scooter for his own injuries.

“This is that the danger we exactly spoke about,” Clements said. “These are illegal to control on the road. They’re dangerous.”

However, we don't know that the man’s scooter was illegal as police have yet to release any information.

In Rhode Island, a law is in situ that permits police to seize ATVs deemed “illegal” and destroy them.

According to WPRI, earlier this month, Providence police made a public display of destroying ATVs and dirt bikes they’ve confiscated as a part of their crackdown on illegal street vehicles over the last three years.

“They’re illegal for a reason. They’re dangerous on town streets. Look, they shouldn’t be operated on the roadways,” Clements said.

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