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Cops Kneel on Handcuffed Man’s Head Before Smashing His Face Into the Curb

A gruesome video was submitted to the Project in the week showing an unnecessary violent move by Beaumont police that could've killed a person.

He was arrested and consistent with his friends, unjustly.

The woman who sent us within the video tells the  Project that Omar was approached by police and attacked for no reason.

She says Omar was attempting to inform one among his friends - who apparently had an excessive amount of to drink - to ride with him when police initiated the stop.

As the video below shows, three officers are on top of Omar who is already in handcuffs.

Though we've no thanks to telling what happened before this, we will see that Omar is subdued, in handcuffs and has on officer's knee on his head and another officer's elbow on his neck.

When police attend pick, Omar, up, they are doing so with such a lot force that the person is propelled forward, face-first into the curb.

"Oh my god, you knocked him the f**k ou!" the lady filming says.

Blood is then seen pouring out of his face as Omar's head slumps.

When police set him up, Omar features a hard time holding up his head and appears extremely dazed.

A friend of Omar's, Jiovanna Salinas started a petition calling for the Beaumont local department to be held in charge of the treatment of Omar.

It has garnered over 13,000 signatures as of the writing of this text.

A Hispanic male by the name Omar has been a victim of police brutality, Omar wasn't doing anything wrong or illegal he was simply just telling his friend to urge within the car because he was intoxicated and easily didn't want anything bad to happen to his friend or for him to urge in trouble.

The cops decided to arrest him for caring about his friends well being and safety during all of this three cops were holding him down with one cop having his knee on Omar's face, Omar wasn't resisting in any way he was pinned to the ground during this the cops violently Grabbed him and hit is the face on a curb knocking Omar out for a few of seconds and having his forehead busted open with blood pouring out, the cops didn't do anything to prevent the bleeding and Omar needs justice for this and therefore the cops MUST be taken accountable and will be fired for the actions they need causing, this might have ended terribly the cops from Beaumont Texas shouldn't are so aggressive and that they shouldn't have put such a lot unnecessary force to someone who wasn't resisting in the least.

Omar kept saying over and once again that he didn't want to die, this breaks my heart and he needs justice to be served GARRIS badge # 281.

The deism Project reached bent the Beaumont local department to ask them about this incident but haven't yet received a response.

In a follow-up post, the one that shared the video posted an update saying that Omar has been released from police custody but shared a picture of the nasty cut he sustained from the violent arrest.

Omar has multiple staples in his head. Yanexa Salinas has since started a GoFundMe page for Omar to buy medical costs and an attorney.


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