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Army Veteran Found Not Guilty After Body Camera Confirmed He Shot at Police Officers in Self Defense

Last year, when George Floyd's murder triggered nationwide demonstrations and rioting, Americans watched as the police state bared its fangs. The PBWW website documented many incidents of police brutality against peaceful demonstrators, including policemen in California shooting a grandma in the face with a rubber bullet. Numerous people were severely harmed by police brutality, with others losing their sight permanently. It was a terrible occupation during which many innocent individuals were victims of police brutality. Jaleel Stallings, 29, was one of these victims, but unlike his grandmother, he was able to defend himself against an unjustified police assault. However, his act of self-defence resulted in his being charged with attempted murder. Though other demonstrators engaged in vandalism, rioting, and looting, Stallings was one of the many nonviolent protesters. However, his innocence was no protection against police brutality. On May 30, officers exploited a curfew enforce

Cops Open Fire on Unarmed Dad in Front of 5 Kids, Keep Shooting Bean Bags As He’s Down

A SWAT team from the Mesa police branch is going through backlash this week after a video surfaced displaying officers establishing hearth on an unarmed father with his arms up who become surrounded by way of his five kids. The daddy, Lorenzo Jones had just passed his youngest infant off to the child’s mom before police opened fireplace. As the video indicates, Jones attempts to inform the officers that he did show as much as the court date and couldn’t have a warrant for failing to appear. In step with the record, a branch spokeswoman said officers have been told Jones had a gun and have been on “excessive alert.” They declare Jones became now not complying and that they deployed a non-lethal force to get Jones to comply once the kids had been out of his instantaneous region. But, the video suggests that isn't true in any respect and they opened fire on Jones with the toddler at once behind him. An infant became at once behind Jones while police opened fire whilst a

SWAT Team Blows Up Family’s Home in Search of a SHOPLIFTER—Supreme Court Says So What

They can now obviously totally crush your home and they won't need to pay for it. This was disregarding the way that the family had no association with the robbery, never permitted the hoodlum in their home, and violated no law before police devastating their home. In the wake of getting this news in October, the family held out trust in their odds in the Incomparable Court. As Reason brings up, this is regardless of the way that the Takings Provision of the fifth Change should shield residents from having their property taken or pulverized by the legislature without being fairly made up for that misfortune.  The Lech family's assets were totally pulverized, left shredded after the Specialized squad demonstrated no worry for the home nor its things. Cops even went similarly as driving a defensively covered vehicle through the entryways, hurled streak blast projectiles inside, and exploded explosives in the dividers of the property. At first, the Lech family was offered $ 50