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Man Flags Down Police for assist with Crash so cops attack and Taser Him

While some  might not  believe those responding officers would attack  an individual  attempting  to assist ,  the very fact  is that it happens  only too  often. The tragic case of Jonathan Price shocked the country in October after the local hero was gunned down for reportedly helping  a lady  in need. Adding to the tragic nature of his death, we  revealed  that before he was shot  fourfold , body camera footage showed that he attempted to shake Officer Shaun Lucas’s hand multiple times. CBS 11 released  the main points  of a  grounds  affidavit they obtained from Lucas’ arrest. The officer’s body camera footage reportedly captured Price greeting the officer with a handshake before being gunned down. According to the affidavit, Lucas was responding to a call of a “possible fight in progress” at a ‘Kwik Chek’  store  around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 3.  lawman  Laura Simmons, who prepared the affidavit, noted that what happened next gave the department justification for charging