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Policeman destroys DELSU student’s phone for being too “expensive”

There was confusion, yesterday, in Okpe, Delta State, as an aggrieved policeman destroyed the phone of a Delta State University student, for being too expensive for his level... . . The bus conveying the students had been stopped for a normal stop and search operation, but he extended the search to the phones of the passengers, only to see one of them using an iPhone. . . The visibly angry officer then asked him for the cost of the phone, to which the student replied by saying it costs N200k, prompting the officer to retort that despite being in service for close to 14 years, he can’t still afford such, meaning that the boy is into something illegal. . . The matter dragged for a very long time and the students were prevented from proceeding on the trip with the other passengers. The highlight of the confrontation was, however, when the officer angrily slapped the boy and smashed his phone on the ground. 📹 Subscribe to more videos:

Please make sure PC Kevin Rawley gets taken off the streets of London!

Yes we have them too in the UK! Some few bad eggs that want to give the metropolitan police London a bad name! That boy was already in cuffs and he still proceeded to hit him with his baton. From this video I couldn’t see the boy resisting any arrest! I heard that PC then say someone call 911! Was the normal procedure for a PC in plainclothes not to have radio for backup first or in other words call in a van to pick up the suspect?!! He decided to react right after he noticed the reaction of the public to his dumb action! Subcribe to my channel: Source:

SARS brutality in Oke-ira Lagos Nigeria

This video is currently trending on internet and everyone is talking about it. According to report this young man in Oke-ira Lagos was stop by SARS officials who searched his bag and couldn’t find anything . Despite showing his ID the official kept on looking for something and find his two phones. They ask why he had two phones and ask him to unlock , as heard in the video, he cries out saying “he knows his right, and that they have no right to search his phone, they took his phone and ask him to come to Alagbon FCIID police station to retrieve it.  Subscribe to more videos: