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Cop Goes onto Man’s Property, Kills Dog as it Walks Up to Him, Tail Wagging

An officer with Scotts Bluff County Sheriff's branch shot and killed a reputedly friendly dog because it approached him whilst he changed into on its owner's belongings. The incident changed into stuck on video and suggests the canine technique the police officer even as wagging its tail. As the video suggests, the officer begins to again up and reach for his gun, however clearly, the canine is inquisitive about studying greater about the brand new guest on its assets and it maintains to approach the officer. Scotts Bluff County Sheriff Mark Overman later released a video of the capturing, together with a press launch defending the actions of the officer, and claiming that the dog becomes aggressive. While the officer knocked at the door he becomes greeted via the dog, who became wagging its tail and approaching the officer. The clicking launch from the police claimed that "As soon because the Deputy saw the canine he immediately commenced and end