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‘Brothers!’ Riot Police in Belarus Drop Shields and Embrace Protesters

  Currently in Belarus, citizens are contesting the results of the presidential election. Belarus authorities say longtime President Alexander Lukashenko won 80.1% of the vote but some citizens dispute this and claim Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won the election on Sunday. On Saturday, Lukashenko called out the dispute as an organized attempt by US interests to conduct a color revolution inside Belarus. The president added that he should talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin, because "This threat is not against Belarus alone." As political analyst, Caitlin Johnstone pointed out, months ago, Moon of Alabama published an article titled "Belarus - A US Sponsored Color Revolution Is Underway," predicting the scenario that is unfolding in front of us today. On August 9 Belarus will hold presidential elections. Color revolutions are usually launched over controversial elections. The results are publicly put into doubt even before the election begins. To increase the chaos, s