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Cops Were Aware of Children in the Car yet Performed a PIT Maneuver Resulting in the Death of a 12-Year-Old Boy Due to a Speeding Ticket

In the land of the free, the police will go to violent and often lethal lengths to uphold even the most arbitrary "law." If police assert that they see you violating one of these arbitrary rules, such as speeding, they claim the authority to arrest and extort you. If you refuse to submit to this extortion, the police will assert their authority to abduct you. And, as the following sad example from Georgia demonstrates, if you fight the abduction, authorities will use lethal force against you, even children. Last week, Charlie Moore was driving his 14-year-old son and 12-year-old buddy Leden Boykins home after a job cleaning parking lots for extra money. On the way home, cops attempted to collect money from Moore by saying he was driving too fast. Moore was pulled over along Highway 92 in Paulding County for "driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed," and when ordered out of the vehicle for a speeding ticket, he resisted, claiming fear due to a large number of