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Kenosha PD Shot Jacob Blake Just Like They Did Michael Bell Jr., A Decorated Air Force Colonel’s Son

  Michael Bell, Sr., who we've interviewed on numerous occasions has tried unsuccessfully to bring his son's killer to justice and now must  get over  yet one more  officer-involved shooting in his hometown. Bell  wasn't  reception  on a fateful night Michael Bell Jr. was shot and killed by Kenosha PD officer Alberto Gonzales but his wife and daughter both witnessed their  beloved  gunned down  within their  own driveway - in the same way, Blake's family watched him. Bell successfully sued the Kenosha PD  during a  death  lawsuit and won a hefty 1.75 million dollar settlement which he  wont to  mock the system of justice which allowed police departments, specifically the Kenosha PD,  to research  themselves when officer-involved shootings  happen . Bell successfully lobbied the State of Wisconsin and got the state's law changed  to stop  enforcement  agencies from using their own detectives to exonerate their fellow boys in blue without oversight from outside agenci