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Trump Deploying “Thousands of Heavily Armed Troops” To Put Down Anti-Police Brutality Protests

In a surprise address to the nation, US President Trump announced he was deploying the military to stop the unrest in Washington, DC, and said he would intervene anywhere local authorities fail to restore order after days of riots. Trump appeared in the White House Rose Garden around 6:30 pm on Monday, declaring that the US has been gripped by  “domestic terror”  of  “professional anarchists and violent mobs”  who drowned out the  “righteous cries of peaceful protests”  over the death of George Floyd, an African-American man killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota last Monday. All of the countries were justly outraged by Floyd’s  “brutal”  death, Trump said, but the protests since then have turned to violence. In Washington, DC alone, he said, the rioters vandalized the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII monument and set ablaze a historic church near the White House. Subscribe to more videos: